Sex story: Party Lesbians

Sex story: Party Lesbians - Tante Lis 45 years old with 38 breast size and body ideals. He worked as a housewife and stay in Yogyakarta. While Mrs. Susi 40 year old with 38 breast size and body ideals. He worked as a lecturer in Malang and also stay there. Their husbands are brothers and are both busy working abroad.

They both become lesbians when one afternoon aunt Lis got a call from someone claiming to be a relation of her husband in the United Kingdom, the name Jennifer. He is an American. He said kal0 there is something to talk about her husband. Lis aunt summoned to come to his hotel that afternoon. At Hotel Garuda. Incidentally Ibu Susi is on vacation in a place Tante Lis. Thus also invited Ms. Susi. After the report to the hotel reception, they both went straight to the room Jennifer. Jennifer welcomed their own.
"Good afternoon," says Jennifer friendly in Indonesian though somewhat stiff."Good afternoon," said Auntie Lis."Can you meet with Jennifer," continued Ms Lis."I myself. Mother who? ""I'm Mrs. Herman," said Ms Lis mention her husband's name."Ooo .. I'm sorry ma'am. I do not know."Jennifer then shook hands with Aunt Lis."And this is my relatives," said Auntie Lis."Susie," said Ibu Susi, shaking hands with Jennifer."Come, please come in! Sorry chair I used to put bags. I just overnight here. We sat on the bed alone. "
The three of them came in and sat on the edge of the bed."Why just last night?" Asked Mrs. Susi."I just happened to stop by to discuss Pak Hermawan. Tomorrow I have left for Australia. ""What about my husband?" Asked Auntie Lis."He was involved a problem."Then Jennifer told of the problems faced Aunt Lis husband. Until finally the three of them were silent for a moment. Suddenly.."I beg you to help my husband," said Ms Lis to Jennifer."I actually can not help Pak Hermawan. Can, origin .. "
Jennifer did not continue his words. But his hands unbuttoning clothes worn Tante Lis sitting beside him. Tante Lis silent. She stroked the top of her left breast which was still covered in BH.
"Ehmm .. ehmm .. ehmm .."
Jennifer both hands and move to the back, remove the bra strap used Tante Lis. One hand forward and squeezed her right breast Tante Lis.
"Aaahh .. .. aahh aahh .."
Susi's mother, who was sitting next to Aunt Lis and was reading a magazine surprised to hear the voice that comes out of the mouth of Tante Lis. Jennifer saw her hands were squeezed both breasts Tante Tante Lis Lis hands while removing the clothes worn Jennifer. Now they're both lip stick together and both their tongues mengulumdengan each other warm. Ibu Susi who see it not hold lust. The second squeezing her own breasts were still covered with clothes.
Ms Lis clothes now been released from its seat and remove his hands in worn shirts Jennifer while still kissing. Tante lips Lis regardless of Jennifer's lips for the sake of both breasts Jennifer sees a size two times larger than hers despite her mediocre. Jennifer who feel it then lay down, pulling the body Ms Lis. So that the mouth Tante Lis fall just above the left breast Jennifer. Jennifer dijilatinya the left breast while his left hand twisting right nipple Jennifer. "Aaahh .. .. aahh aahh .."
Ibu Susi see it. Lust getting hot so now appealing his left hand on the right breast Lis Aunt Jennifer and her mouth took action. Jennifer dijilatinya right breast squeezing her right breast while Jennifer. The second hand will be squeezed both breasts Jennifer Tante Lis. But his left hand hand-held Tante Lis. While his right hand held the hands of Mrs. Susi.
Lis aunt and Mrs. Susi busy toying with both breasts Jennifer until finally Mrs. Susi exhausted and lying on the right side of Jennifer. Jennifer who can not feel anything when both breasts mocked his guests then raised his head Tante Lis is still busy. Tante Lis know yourself and then he took her back on the left side of Jennifer. Not long after Jennifer got out of bed, Auntie Lis approached Ms. Susi. Tante Lis deftly undressed upper Ms. Susi still fully dressed.
Now they're both half naked and then on top of Mrs. Lis Aunt Susie. Both their breasts sticking together. "Ouohh .." Their mouths were both noises are greeted with both their lips were kissing each other and the war between the tongue. Jennifer alone after getting out of bed and took off the jeans she wore.
Now he was naked because she was not wearing panties. He took two pieces measuring 20 cm dildo from her purse. He turned and looked at the bed. Lis aunt and mother Susie is in the peak of pleasure. They were both naked. They hugged each other and rolling around on the bed. Jennifer threw one dildo into tidur.Sedangkan the only dancing in the breasts themselves.
The dildo then up and into the mouth. The generated-insert the dildo. Once satisfied, the dildo down to the bottom. The inclusion of the dildo into his cock hole 15 cm long. Twisted around and swiped the dildo-grit hole cock while she danced. "Aaahh .. .. aahh aahh .."
Jennifer startled by the sound and saw Aunt Lis and Ms. Susi equally supine tired after making out. He saw Mrs. Susi hand beckoned to him. Jennifer got into bed and rubbing his hands dildo that had been tossed into both Susi alternating breasts.
Dildo while the other is still hanging on his cock so that resemble male genitalia despite being out with a length of 15 cm. The dildo then slowly inserted into the hole pubic Ibu Susi. The generated-enter as if Jennifer is a man who was intercourse with a woman. "Aaahh .. .. aahh aahh .."
Dildo while dancing in both breasts Susi now exploring pubic Tante Lis. After a few minutes of Jennifer issue a dildo from the hole cock. Now his right hand driving out-insert into the hole pubic dildo Ms Lis dantangan left driving out-insert the dildo into the pubic Mrs. Susi.
Second hand Tante Lis and Ms. Susi also not remain silent. Both breast Jennifer made the game challenging their hands. Kneaded, twisted and disentil nipples. "Aaahh .. .. aahh aahh .." The three of them end up exhausted. After going out for dinner, they went on their game until the morning.
The next morning Aunt Lis and Ms. Susi drove Jennifer to the airport. Jennifer left each dildo for Tante Lis and Ms. Susi. The next day Mrs. Susi also returned to Malang because the holiday period is up.
Martha was 23 years old with 36 breast size and body ideals. He was still a student at a private university in Yogyakarta. He lived in a rented house in the southern part of Yogyakarta.
Martha became a lesbian because Aunt Lis. Aunt Martha and Lis both a member of a leading fitness center in Yogyakarta. One afternoon, Aunt Martha and Lis were in a dressing of the fitness center. Only two of them due to chance of rain was falling and making a lot of fitness center members are reluctant to come.
Aunt Martha see Lis standing a few meters from where he stood. Somehow her eyes this time is different from the usual. Lis saw both breasts aunt who seems to want to get out of the cover because of the tight leotard worn Tante Lis. Lis aunt seems to know.
"What is it Ma'am?""Ah .. There is nothing Tante.""There is nothing really to see both of my breasts."Martha surprised if it turns out Aunt Lis know his eyes. Finally a few words out of his mouth."Both large and beautiful breasts aunt.""Yours too big and beautiful."Lis aunt then took something out of her bag. A talcum powder. He then turned around and back to Martha."Ma'am, can Tante ask for help?""Yes, Aunt what?"
Aunt Martha approached Lis being lowered senamnya clothes so now back open."Please sprinkle talcum powder and rub it into my back as well."Martha accept then sprinkle talcum powder to the back of Tante Lis. He then rubbed it with the mediocre."Aaahh ..""Why Tante?""It is okay. You would not rub the front? ""Want aunt. But not here. Later discovered someone else. ""Cuek alone."
Martha wants to reject. But too late. Lis has turned her aunt. Both breasts were challenged to make a direct Martha sprinkle talcum powder to both breasts Tante Lis. Ms Lis rubbed both breasts with both hands. He squeezed both breasts Aunt Lis.
"Aaahh .. .. aahh aahh ..""Ma'am want?" Tante bargaining Lis.
Without waiting for the approval of Martha, Aunt Lis has lowered the dipakaiMartha gymnastics clothes. He saw both breasts Martha was silent as he handed talcum powder. Tante Lis receive the talcum powder and Martha pushed to the wall. Martha was propped against the wall and already licking mouth Lis Aunt Martha left breast. While the left hand rubbed talcum powder right breast to Martha. "Ehmm .. ehmm .. ehmm .."
Only that which comes from the mouth of Martha. Her hand reached for the left hand and Ms Lis release talcum powder in his hand. Ms Lis Dibimbingnya left hand for right breast stroking Martha. Lis aunt not only stroked but also twisting her right nipple Martha. "Aaahh .. .. aahh aahh .." Hearing that voice Lis Aunt Martha increasingly eager to fondle.
Release of gymnastics apparel worn Martha who still cover the lower part of his body while still plays both breasts Martha. His mouth drops down. His mouth was right at the pubic Martha. His tongue was removed. Disentuhkannya tip of his tongue to Martha genitals repeatedly.
Now Aunt Martha Lis already licking genitals while the index finger of his right hand opened pussy hole Martha and her left hand still enjoy the game both breasts Martha. His tongue is inserted into the opening hole pubic Martha. Ms Lis tongue already felt puasbermain around in pubic Martha. Now his fingers the generated-insert into the hole cock.
Shook slowly. Tante mouth Lis apparently not satisfied and helped fingers in playing pubic Aunt Martha Lis. Many times Martha sighed. "Aaahh .. .. aahh aahh .." Auntie Lis stop the game for a while. He let go of what was still covering his body. Then with the help of the fingers on both hands Lis Aunt Martha gluing his genitals to genitals.
"Aaahh .. .. aahh aahh .." The voice that came out of his mouth and the mouth of Martha welcomed by the attachment of both breasts Aunt Martha Lis in both breasts. "Ouohh .." Again, the sound that comes out of their mouths were both greeted by the attachment of both their lips. They are kissing each other scrambling for licking tongue. Tante Lis wiggled her body.
Both breasts and Martha both breasts rub against each other. Likewise with both their genitals. After a while Tante Lis stop the game. He let go of her body on the body of Martha. He turned and bowed take his clothes. Ketikadia stood up, hugged her from behind Martha.
"You have not satisfied?""Not Aunt.""Correct?""Right Tante."
Ms Lis then turned around and at the same time replace Martha pushed to the wall. He saw again both breasts Aunt Lis. Then swiped second nipple-rub her breasts to the nipple Tante Lis. Both are equally sound. "Ouohh .."
Tante lips Lis want to kiss Martha. But Martha deliberately avoided. Martha then replace Ms Lis want to treat as she has treated her. Martha mouth then down to the bottom of the right breast licking Tante Lis. While his right hand caressing Aunt Lis left breast and nipple twisting left Tante Lis.
His mouth fell down while still playing both breasts Aunt Lis. His mouth was right at the pubic TanteLis. His tongue was removed. Disentuhkannya tip of his tongue to the pubic Tante Lis repeatedly. Now Aunt Martha already licking genitals Lis while the index finger of his left hand open pubic Aunt Lis and his right hand still enjoy the game both breasts Aunt Lis.
His tongue is inserted into the gap pubic Tante Lis. Martha tongue had been satisfied playing in the hole pubic Tante Lis. Now his fingers the generated-insert into the hole cock. Shook slowly. Martha mouth apparently not satisfied and helped fingers toying pussy hole Martha in Tante Lis. Many times Tante Lismendesah. "Aaahh .. .. aahh aahh .."
Finally they both hugged tightly while kissing. Both their breasts sticking together. Both genitals they stick together. They both stroked his back gently. Tante Lis add to the index finger of his right hand coming whisk Martha ass hole.
Martha followed by also inserting the index finger of his right hand whisk incoming Tante Lis ass hole. Their lips kiss and release the voice out .. "Aaahh .. .. aahh aahh .."Thus both reached peak orgasm after playing each hole ass.
Widya was 22 years old with 36 breast size and body ideals. He was still a student at a private university in Yogyakarta. While Susan was 26 years old with 36 breast size and body ideals. He worked as an employee of a private office in Yogyakarta. They both lived in a dormitory where Mother daughter Anna in Yogyakarta north.
They both became lesbian when a scrambling morning shower. There are two bathrooms in the hostel are inhabited only 4 people. One bathroom is being used by people. While the other is empty. Simultaneously the two of them were in front of the bathroom.
"I'm in a hurry," said Widya."I was also in a hurry," said Susan.They were silent for a few moments until both their mouths in unison sound."Same-same."
They both go straight into the bathroom and Susan lock the bathroom door."But how. Dipper just one, just one soap, toothpaste just one, "says Susan."Yes. And also I was embarrassed when naked, "said Widya."If it was not a problem. We are back to back. ""Let's make it like this. You used the shower. I brush my teeth. "
Then Susan off all her clothes and put them on hangers in the back of the bathroom door. And behind Widya stood waiting on the edge of the tub. Then they turn around. Change Widya that releases all her clothes and put them on hangers in the back of the bathroom door.
Then she brushed her teeth. Behind her Susan was flushed with water. After enough, they turn around back. Susan with a soap stood facing the door. While behind turn Widya which flushed his body in water. Then..
"San, the soap already?""It's. This, "Susan said as she turned her full of soap suds.
At the same Widya also turned around. They were shocked and simultaneously cover the body pickup. Their right hand over both breasts and left hands they cover the genitals. "I've seen yours Wid. Open it. Why closed? "Widya does not open his right hand covering her breasts.
He opened his left hand and right hand opening of Susan that covered both breasts. Susan silent when Widya caressing her left breast that is full of soap suds and squeeze. Dipilinnya nipple Susan. That came out of his mouth just a voice. "Aaahh .. .. aahh aahh .." After Widya satisfied Susan said, "I'm Yours Sabuni huh?" Widya just nodded and opened his right hand still covering her breasts.
Susan then rubbed soap that had been held to Widya right breast with his left hand. Her right hand on her left breast lather himself and rubbed into the left breast Widya. Not forgetting the two nipples Widya also twisted knots. Susan not only soaped both breasts Widya. The whole body Widya disabuninya with sweep yangmenggairahkan while both breasts themselves occasionally touched to Widya body. "Ehmm .. ehmm .. ehmm .." Change Widya the sound of his mouth.
Their bodies were both filled with soap suds. Susan from behind hug Widya and hands move around the body Widya. Widya embraced not want the pleasure that only belongs to Susan. His hands also move throughout the body Susan. He said with a sigh, "San .. was in fact you do not have to turn over your body. I had just enough. So we do not end up this way. "
"I mean, too. I turned round in the hope you keep facing the bath tub. "
Then while still embraced Susan, Widya turned around so that both their breasts sticking together. "Ouohh .." They both second swiping their breasts until they were both aware of what is happening and in unison said, "We're in a hurry." They let go because of Susan's arms and get the scoop first rinsing her body. Widya impatient and pressed himself into the body of Susan. They both returned complacent with the new state of the body exposed to the splash of water.
They both clean up the remaining foam soap on their bodies together. Sigh-sigh of pleasure out of their mouths together. "Ehmm .. ehmm .. ehmm .." A few minutes they are cleaning lather their bodies while occasionally pouring water. Once finished they drain their body with a towel. They go out together and Widya said to Susan, "San, tonight again huh?" Susan nodded.
And without waiting for the night when the afternoon Widya finished bathing, Widya at that time dared just wrapped a towel to his body because of the state of the dorm was quiet. He was surprised to see Susan was in her room still wearing his work clothes. He only briefly startled, then smiled. "Wid, I actually want to overtake you shower. But you may not hear.
So I'll wait here. "Widya approached Susan sitting on the edge of the bed and sat beside him. Susan stroked thighs that are not covered dipakainya.Kemudian mini skirt, "Wait a minute ya San. I wear the clothes first. "Widya then stood in front of the cupboard and closet he removed his towel. She searched the clothes from the closet.
"You challenge me huh? No need to pretend looking for clothes. ""Apparently you know."
Widya then reversed himself and saw Susan was taking off her bra and shirt he wore just released buttons. After BH Susan detached, with fast hands shirt worn Widya releasing Susan while his lips landed on Susan's lips. They kissed and licked each other tongue. Both their breasts sticking together.
Both nipples they are rubbed together. Widya then stop the kiss and he sat cross-legged in front of Susan. Susan stroked the thigh with both hands. While Susan enjoys squeeze his hands on her breasts. Widya both hands and then went upstairs and into the mini-skirt worn Susan. He tried to pull the pants worn in Susan. Successfully.
At the same time knowing Widya Susan is trying to release her panties and then stop the squeeze on both breasts. Both hands releasing a mini skirt she wore. Now Susan already naked. Widya then led Susan to bed. And they were making out with pleasure until dawn. And without them knowing there is a pair of eyes that were watching their courtship ..
Anita was 17 years old with 34 breast size and body ideals. He was still a student of a high school in Yogyakarta. While the 23-year-old Angga with 36 breast size and body ideals. He was still a student at a private university in Yogyakarta. They both lived in a dormitory where Mother daughter Anna in Yogyakarta north.
They both became lesbian when a tine afternoon coming home from a friend's house heard strange noises from the room Widya. Angga curious and look at Widya bedroom door slightly ajar. Widya seen licking the genitals Susan and Susan's hands were squeezing her right breast itself. Their bodies were naked and sweat. Without conscious tine arms move up and squeeze her breasts themselves were still covered with clothes.
He then realized what he had seen. Then he moved from side Widya room door and into her room. He then took off his clothes. He recalled the incident in Widya room. Somehow then living tine wear underwear and then threw his body onto the bed. Release of BH are still wore. Then he squeezed her breasts.
"Aaahh .. .. aahh aahh .." Anga continued to squeeze her breasts and nipples while imagining the occasional twist Widya and Susan went to her room. He stood up and Widya from the front without asking again took off underpants worn tine and then licking his cock. While Susan from behind removing the bra worn on the back of the tine and then squeezed both her breasts. "Aaahh .. .. aahh aahh .."
Angga hand to stop the squeeze on both the breasts and down to the bottom. Put his hand into her panties. Now his fingers the generated-insert into the hole cock. Shook slowly. "Aaahh .. .. aahh aahh .."
After some long masturbate, Tine finally fell asleep in the living circumstances wear underwear. Angga next day woke up after hearing his door diketok. He opened his eyes and watched the clock in her room. Time show at 10:00. Angga surprised because he woke up late and he was finally relieved to learn that today he is off to college. Heard a knock at his door again. He then got up and took a negligee shirt from the closet and wear. She opened her door and saw Anita still menggenakan school uniform.
"Come in Nit!"Then Anita entry."You oversleep also Nit?" Asked Anga."I came home in the morning Ma'am," said Anita, sitting on the carpet in the room Anga.He picked up a magazine, but do not read.Angga he asked, "Ma'am. Last night did not see? ""What are you looking at?""In the room Widya Ma'am."Anga was shocked to hear the words of Anita. Incidentally, think Anga."You want to do?"
Without waiting for the approval of Anita, his hands already holding Anita and diremaskannya right hand to her left breast. Anita left hand by itself stroking thighs Tine and her lips gently landed on the lips tine. Both kissing and mutual war between the tongue. Angga hand unbuttoning uniforms worn Anita.
Anita stop the kisses and caresses on the thighs tine. He took off his uniform. Then lift negligee shirt worn tine to look both breasts. Angga stroked right breast. Anga was melepasdaster shirt so Anita freely left breast sucking antlers while still caressing her right breast.
"Aaahh .. .. aahh aahh ..""Ehmm .. ehmm .. ehmm .."
Anita hand caresses stop on the right breast tine. And now dihisapnya right breast while she was removing tine shirt and bra were still wearing. He then are flat on the second tine and the top of her breasts so that they stick together. Both nipples they are rubbed together. "Ouohh .."
After some time each swiping both breasts. Anita then shifted to the side tine while still on his stomach. The release is still wearing uniform skirts and trousers do not miss it. Tine also took off her panties and sat stroking his back Anita. He then rubbed both breasts back to Anita. Anita then sat down and the two of them caress both breasts. "Ehmm .. ehmm .. ehmm .."
Anita told me that last night he was coming home from shopping for school supplies. He passed through the room and accidentally seeing Widya Widya and Susan hugged tightly while kissing. Both their breasts sticking together. Both genitals they stick together. They both stroked his back gently.
They both whisk ass hole with the index finger of the right hand. Angga story aroused by Anita and now they both have each other down. Anita lost and cock directly produced by Tine. He menungging and dikangkangnya foot Anita. His mouth was right at the pubic Anita. His tongue was removed. Disentuhkannya tip of his tongue to the pubic Anita repeatedly.
Now Angga already licking the genitals Anita burrow while the index finger of his left hand opened pussy hole Anita. His tongue is inserted into the opening hole pubic Anita. Martha tongue had been satisfied playing in pubic Anita.
Now his fingers the generated-insert into the hole cock. Shook slowly. Anga mouth apparently not satisfied and helped fingers toying pussy hole tine in Anita. Many times Anita sighed. "Aaahh .. .. aahh aahh .."
Now the left breast nipple-tine swiped grit to pubic Anita. His hands also squeezed both breasts Anita cooperate with both hands Anita. "Aaahh .. .. aahh aahh .." Finally Anga stop the game. He stood and Anita also stood up. Antlers bow and holding on to the seat. Dikangkangkan his feet.
Anita knew what he meant. He lay down just below the tine body. His hands then squeezed both breasts tine. Then both hands toward the hole pubic tine. The index finger of his left hand opened pussy hole tine. Then his fingers the generated-insert into the hole cock. Shook slowly.
His fingers also the generated-insert into the hole ass tine. "Aaahh .. .. aahh aahh .." Slowly tine body down to the bottom and the hole right in the hole pubic cock Anita. He menindihi Anita. But they both did not do anything. Angga then stood up and sat down on a chair. Anita also stood up.
"Here Nit."
Anita later went to Anga. Angga guiding Anita to sit on her lap upside down. They both hugged tightly while kissing. Both their breasts sticking together. Both genitals they stick together. After some time Anita got up from the lap of Anga. He lay down on the bed. Angga want him. But they both simultaneously to fix his clothes when he heard the sound of the car into the dormitory.
Ana's mother is 37 years old with 42 breast size and body ideals. She was a housewife who manages dormitories inhabited by Widya daughter, Susan, Anita and Anga. Ana's mother became a lesbian because Anita. When one afternoon he was to his dorm and accepted by Anita yangbaru just making out with tine. He wears a negligee shirt belonging to Anga.
"Let Mom!" Said Anita invited Mrs. Ana sitting."How are the children here," while he was sitting on the couch.Anita then tells circumstances dorm mates. Angga suddenly appeared."Sorry Mom, I want to go," said Anga."Please," said Ms. Ana.
When the Anita accidentally saw both breasts Ana are still covered with clothes."What Nit?" Asked Mrs. Ana."It's okay Mom," said Anita."Mom where?" Said Anita."Shop."
Ana's mother then took some stuff from a plastic bag and placed on the table. The goods were indeed provided Mrs. Ana each month to meet the needs of children in the dormitory. Incidentally Mrs. Ana obtain a member of an agent beauty products. Anita interested in an item after being removed from the plastic bag is not put on the table but put her purse.
"That's what Mom?""It's for you."Handed a small bottle to Anita. A cream to help enlarge and beautify the breasts."So this is it? Which causes her breasts so big. I want Mommy. ""That's for you only. Mother later to buy again. ""The way how Mom?""Living alone at breasts rubbed.""Give an example of Mom.""To my shame that .." Mrs. Ana stop words."Ashamed of what Mom?"Ana's mother was silent."Shame naked huh?"Ana's mother just nodded."Why shy Bu. The mother should be proud to have large breasts. Or put it this way ma'am. If she embarrassed, I also loose clothing. So we were both embarrassed. "
Ana's mother wanted to avoid Anita undressed. Late. Anita had taken off the shirt he was wearing negligee."Mother cheating. Why not get out of clothing? I loose ya ma'am? "Anita went to Mrs. Ana semi avoided removed his clothes. But finally managed to release tight shirts Anita including Mrs. Ana bra is worn. Both breasts stroked Ana. Ibu Ana itself also caress both breasts Anita."Your breasts are also beautiful.""But not great Mom. How do I use this cream ma'am? "Ibu Ana stop stroking his preoccupation both breasts Anita. He took the bottle of cream.
Opening and take a little. The cream rubbed into her left breast. Leveled and knead. Anita followed. But not to her breasts. He picked up a bit of cream and rubbed right breast to Mrs. Ana. Anita did it with passion heats up. Ana's mother wanted to avoid. But he felt that remasannya more delicious than the pressure of her own husband. He silenced Anita squeezed both breasts. He even enjoyed it and joined Anita squeezes both breasts without using cream. "Aaahh .. .. aahh aahh .."
Both looked at each other and smiled. Anita then holds the head of Mrs. Ana and placed in her left breast.

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