Sex Story | ABG Experienced

Sex Story | ABG Experience - I have a friend, let's call it Early, though more acyl. Abg home city of Amoy, Singkawang. As characteristic of many abg amoy , 
Dini has stature finches but not land, because her breasts lumyayan big. Slim waist and big hips so that makes every man feel at home berlama2 Early sweeping body with his eyes. Especially if Dini clay road, great ass moving left to right to follow the motion of steps. Would make men lust ngeliatnya, especially Dini often wear pants, let alone a short, tight. White skin and melancholy face with slanted eyes add beauty Dini. Again typical of Early is fur hands and feet panjang2, coupled with a thin mustache that adorned the top of her tiny lips, adding to her sexuality. Surely jembutnya dense, and napsunya big, like I kalee. Model pakeannya also always like using that abg amoy, shoulder length straight hair painted kepirangan, tight blouse that accentuated her breasts kemontokkan and hipster pants are too tight so that the waist and hips certainly attract the attention of men who saw it. Anyway just a tight blouse 
and a waist so the waist smooth white belly and love goofing reply pusernya Early moves. Add more appeal in the eyes of men Dini. Early often talk about anything with me, including matters of sex. He told me that her boyfriend likes 
her ama appetite and every weekeng definitely Dini naked with her ​​boyfriend, if not at home so her boyfriend at home. Parents Early busy business so rarely at home, so invites her boyfriend Dini free just sleep at home. I asks, "what is this guy mrawani you", he said "this is the second guy." "How," I asked again. "Yeah know ama Early this second guy because the first guy too". Boyfriend invites his friends for a 3 some with Early air. basic Din, he wrote would diantre two guys at once. Bener napsunya Dini's big.Apparently these two guys dick more 
bigger and longer than the first guy. Early play a more delicious dientot ama second guy. When the air 3 some, 3 times till the second guy fuck Dini, being the first guy only 2 times as usual. After that 3some, gay diam2 Dini also with two boys, were alone.until the first guy to know, and they broke up. Create Dini's okay because after he gets more enjoyment from the second guy."Nes, you like ngentotnya ama om om yes", Early nanya ngentotku habits. "What's up" "Make me more delicious if equally om om Din", I replied. "Om om maennya like longer, so I sempet several new nyampe the omnya ngecrot". "My very strong si om yes", said Dini again. "If my boyfriend does ama nyampenya us together, but if a new round until 3 new old boyfriend ngecrotnya, seh truly remarkable. Ama si om maen how many rounds you?" "Sukanya third round as well, until I lemes udahannya", I replied. "That's more delicious yes Nes". "La iya lah, you nyoba mo ama om om, om Myspace I ama kenalin Andi. Orbitin He's a photographer who likes model2 junior, I know well through Bram om om Andi". "Om Bram manufacturer of soap opera?" "Yeah, would not, I telponin om Myspace Andi. Deh He must not refuse you if you want to play him ama". "Perhaps dah," Dini said again, wondering apparently he 
heard chatter. I immediately contacted Andi om, om kamu2 andi still remember who that was, if I had forgotten uncle Andi appear in the title crita Ines worked 2 PARTICIPATE CASTING GUYS and joy. I nerangin to Andi that Dini mo om ktemuan, nyoba luck at modeling, I say. When I nerangin characteristic Dini, om Brenda really enthusiastically agreed. "When you see suru bring a bikini or a skimpy bikini underwear and thin," he said. I dah pahamlah om Andi taste. Hp Dini so I continued to meet their own appointments Early ama om Andi. "Thank ya Nes. Deliciously not ama om Andi," Dini said while ngembaliin my hp. "You rasain own aja deh. When mo ketemuannya?" I replied. "Lusa Nes, so I have to organize the same boyfriend I do not ngerecokin om Andi"."You have a bikini or underwear bikini models do not?" "Got the hell, my boyfriend I often beliin bikini underwear models, where too small and thin again. Bikinis are also available. Kalo I use in front of my boyfriend, 5 minutes also dilepasin ama dah dianya"."You take it if ama om met Andi, also bring a change of clothes because usually om Andi invites you nginep at his villa". "Nginep?""La lah yeah, definitely om Andi invites you nginep, imagine he's mo ama maen how many rounds you". "Wow cool if om Andi strong dong so, I was not impatient mo om met Andi game". I smiled aja dengernya. Here is what is experienced by Dini when he and his uncle Andy at his villa. Early asked me who wrote the story, and this is the result. On the day promised, Dini carry bag containing a change of clothes, bikini and some bikini underwear and a coat on fast-food. She told her boyfriend that she had to get out of town for a business. Since the Early very convincing when explaining alesannya, her boyfriend does not mind her going.Early departure not anyways weekend, which is the time when her boyfriend dapet ration pleasure. Early wait a bit longer, until there was a man who greeted him, "Dini ya". Early use was already ngasi tau tight pink blouse and tight hipster jeans too. "Well you're beautiful, Din, also sexy again", says Andi om Dini said, shaking her name. "Om neh never dapet models Amoy, where amoynya sexy again". He sat in front of Dini. "You know the old Ines ya dah Din", says Andi om the conversation. "Bye om too long, often confide Early Ines ama". "How can ngerembet until the om all". "Om Yes, we had sex cerita2, until Ines crita nikimat really had sex ama om. Dini so want nyobain deh" "You may have the Ines. Dini usually had sex ama om om, too?". "Nah om, Dini same guy." "Often yes Din ngesexnya". "Every weekend om, except if Dini again dapet". "Wow cool, dah dong experience you had sex affairs". "A guy Dini ya just ama aja om". "Yeah let's just one guy but his ama ye ama dah often ngelakuin him, so dah tau dong what he wants to do in bed". "O that mean om, yes already 
lah. Dini always asked a guy what nurutin Early in bed ". "You 
always maennya in bed yes Din ". "Yeah om, right maennya always dikamar". "The hotel?" "Om baseball, at home or in a place a guy Dini Dini '. "Entar cool, there is a swimming pool villa om, so could photograph session in the pool first yes Din. Shall we go yuk".And they rose from his seat and headed to the car om Andi parked in the courtyard restaurant. In the back seat sat a bag that he said contains photographic equipment, and other auxiliary equipment. Soon a car speeding away from the parking lot, through the congestion of the city heading to the villa om andi located in the Puncak area. During their journey ngoborol Ngalor ngidul. Uncle Andy stopped disebuah mini mart near his villa and buying food 
and beverages as well as other purposes. Groceries are pretty much it dibagasi placed in the backseat of the car considering dah filled photo equipment. Arriving at the villa, om andi lose all her luggage. Early help ngangkatin also besides pakeannya bag."There's nothing waiting for ya om", asked Dini. "There was a wait, the devil". "Om Bener no devil", Dini wide in horror. "He he om joke anyway, if there is also a devil, demons taku ama om. Kan om demon king", says Andi om Early waist as he nudged open."Uh, ah om amused," she cried spoiled. "Kan villa is empty, so if om mo use his villa, there are people who come for the whole villa cleaning before". Food and drinks included refrigerators, partially laid over the kitchen pantry. When it was evening dah, dah sun started to go down. "Din, still no sun, fotosession first yuk. Deh You wear your bikini. Om wait behind ya, in the pool". Early entry into one of the rooms and replace pakeannya with bikini. Due to minimal bikini, her breasts are large plump mo as ngeloncat out. Likewise jembutnya dense bra peeking from sela2 cd. Om Andi gulped when he saw Dini sexy bikinis. "Wao, very smooth Din. Stimulate really". He immediately gave direction to the Early to pose in the pool and started taking pictures. Early Because it had never been his style stiff acting. "You embarrassed yes Din ama om, really stiff seh really your style." "I do not really om, Dini not ashamed". "Yeah do not you think you dah ordinary naked guy in front of you. Anggep om wrote you guys so that you can more Rilex style". Andi om patiently posing Early lead and eventually dapet also a set of bikini photos Dini. Om Andi commented on what should be improved while he took in the view foto2 laptop. Because dah getting dark, the photo session was moved kedalem. In the living room. "Din you replace wearing lingerie, take it". "Bring om", Dini disappear again and change back to the room with her ​​bikini underwear are thin and skimpy bikini models as well. Om andi back gawk at Dini body plumpness. Due to the thin dalemannya berbayanglah Early nipple breasts not too big and brownish pink. Similarly, the lebatpun jembutnya pins behind dipakenya thin cd. "Well Din, you are more stimulating way than naked bullet". Photo session resumed using the sofa. Spotlights using that to add lighting. Early without awkward posing more vulgar than that in the pool, her legs always dikangkangkan highlight jembutnya luxuriance. Toketnyapun always dibusungkan so clearly captured on camera kemontokannya om Andi. While om Andi itself looks very difficult to control napsunya already 
very berkobar2 see Early plumpness. Since it was getting a lot of input from the bikini photo session, Dini far Rilex berposenya and require very little improvement so quickly done lingerie photo session. Om Andipun to setup the camera to his top lap and began to expound photo was created by Dini. "Photo session to three naked yes Din". "Who's afraid of, but eat first ya om, Early dah hungry neh". "We're looking to eat out ya Din, deket villa there goat satay stalls, delicious". "Let me add hot ya om," Early said as he disappeared into the room. Out of the room he wore dah pakaeannya the earlier, blouse and hipster jeans. "Din, if malem cold, you do not bring a coat". "There om", Dini said as he entered the room again for his coat. Until here om Andi apa2 not show activity, although from his face so that he was very bernapsu. Early wonder too, why om Andi strong to resist the urge to start menggelutinya. After returning from dinner, Dini wear bikini again and invite om Andi swim. Pond water was warm, although not heated. Om Andi just baggy pants. They berenamh fro a while, then get out of the pool Dini, wrapped herself in a towel and lay on the couch bermatras existing pond edge. Weather was cold, immediately om andipun out of the pool and sat down next to Dini who was lying didipan. "Cold Om om", Early om invite Andi to act. Andi om react immediately, he lay next to Dini, hugged her tiny lips and bite immediately Dini. briefly towel wrapped around her body had decomposed om Andi. Dini became agitated, turned legs and hold position, briefly left leg over the right leg, momentarily reverse position. He seems to hold napsunya that has flared. "Why Din, gatel yes, how his legs turned on". Early diem 
only. Om Andi kissed her cheek, Early menggelinjang and turned to Andi om. He quickly kissed her tiny lips again. Squashed, pushed his tongue into the mouth Dini, tickling the sky roof of his mouth. He ran a hand over her breasts began which still covered her bikini bra. Early moaning. "Om ..". She was licking her neck, "just calm Din, enjoy .." . Dini really no power to reject all that, he's just resigned to enjoy the game. Back om andi Early kissing lips again. Dini also responded passionately. He quickly took off bra wearing bikini in Early. Early did not resist. His chest had been opened. Om andi looked at her breasts, which soon diraba2. Early body shaking. nipple also played wildly. Early sigh ".... ehhh .... om ahh ohh ...". Om andi was sticking her tongue out, licking her nipple that stood out. Dini was fully in control lust. Om Andi eagerly devoured, sucking her breasts. Creating the Early lust. Early deliciously moaning sounds, add excitement si om. He also parse bond bikini cd so instantly Dini Dini already naked. Jembutnya dense nonoknya blanketed the region. Gently palpate om Andi smooth white thighs touch. Slowly she stroked stroked Early white thighs. As he gradually stretch her ​​legs, she could clearly see the fluid seeping favor of nonok Early wet crotch. Om Andi licking ears so aroused amused. A gentle touch, his fingers right hemisphere nonoknya. Making moaning lust out of the mouth Dini. "Aahh ......". om Andi continues to actively sweep her nipple with his tongue, her breasts seemed to harden as exhaustively. In vibration accompanied the vibration finger on nonoknyanya parts, making the body Dini volatile. "Ohh ..... ahhh .. so, Dini not take it anymore ...." she moaned as her fingers moved faster in parts of nonoknya, up and down. Om Andi did not stop, his fingers shaking the wild. Early nipples licked too fast. Early body stiffened, screaming Early easement, he nyampe. His breath was accompanied hunting in his heart that beats faster. Uncle Andy was kissing her lips. "Din, you do not feel good .." he asked, as he continued to kiss her lips tenderly Dini. With two fingers, lips nonoknya dikuakkan wide. Early groaned. Om Andi looked nonok Dini, with 
wet burrow. itilnya looked flushed and enlarged. She stuck her tongue licking the clitoris Dini. Early again again moaned with pleasure. Jilatannya in itil continue to arouse lust Dini Dini. It soon Dini has returned bernapsu. Early continued to moan of pleasure. Early nonok slime flowing. Pleasure and itching whack itilnya tense arousal. And his back stiffened. "Ahh ... nice ... ahhh .. nice .." he groaned. His tongue swept itil moving Dini Dini and bring back stiffened because they nyampe again. Early body was limp again. "Om, yet dientot Dini wrote 2 times nyampe dah, dah dientot especially if ya om". After a while, om Early andi brought into the room naked and laid her on the bed. Early walking rather unsteadily and staggered, his body felt weak and lost energy such. "Why go om, he mo maen in the pond". "Kan Din cold outside, Myspace colds anymore. Tomorrow was our mo nude photo session again". Now Dini had been lying in bed. Om Andi gives drink was purchased at a minimart to Early. He started to open his pants. Kontolnya tense ready to enter nonok Dini. He approached Dini. Om Andi asked Dini mengemut kontolnya. "Dick om," Dini said softly. "Emangnya why Din". "Om huge dick, bigger and longer than Dini guy dick". His fingers began to touch dick head om Andi. Early first time just holding with both fingers. "Aah ... keep dong Din, hold tightly with both hands", cooed om Andi lustful. "Iiih ... om so loud," whispered Dini. "Come grasped with both hands, aahh ..." om Andi moaned with pleasure when suddenly instead Dini strong grip but instead squeeze. "Iiih sick ya om", he asked. Om Andi looked Dini. "Ooouhh not removed Din, squeeze like that, quickly Din, oohh ..." she moaned softly. Kontolnya squeezed back early like that. Andi om lowing favors. Early staring dick now being squeezed, fingers of both hands alternately squeezing the stem and Andi uncle dick head. His fingers were left on the dick head was right fingers squeeze the trunk. Om Andi short term could only moan. ". Sshh ... Din ... terusss, ssshh yaahh ... ohh ...", he moaned easement. Early look om Andi smiled and started rubbing back and forth, then grasped and squeezed as before but then he started pumping and shuffling back and forth kontolnya. "Aakkkhh ... ssshh" om Andi menggelinjang hold favors. Early increasingly eager to see Andi om pleasure, his hands moving faster kontolnya shuffle back and forth. "Din ... aahhgghh ... sshh, now diemut Din", pleaded Andy om. Dini also stuck out his tongue and licked the tip dick Andi om. But yet diemutnya. om Andi pushed up into the mouth kontolnya Dini. "Ayo dong .. Din, diemut .. dong .." he asked. Dini was slowly opened his mouth. Andi soon melucur om dick into his mouth. "Ufff ... ughh ...." Early sound muffled dick. Early in issuing kontolnya enter her mouth. Om Andi then shifted his body down until his face was right above the second sphere Early breasts, her belly pressing nonok Dini. Back to fondle her breasts Dini, he began rubbing his fingers from under the breasts on top of the stomach to hold onto both her ​​breasts lumps are firm and plump. Early moaning and menggelinjang between amusement and pleasure. "Om, tingling, come om Early dientot dong", she moaned softly. Moments om Andi playing with both a red nipple with his fingertips. Early menggelinjang again, om Andi little nipple twisting gently. "Om ..." Early sigh. Simultaneously om Andi finally squeezed both her ​​breasts passionately with all my passion. "Aawww ... om", Early groaned and held her hands firmly linen cloth.Om Andi getting crazy not satisfied then he started licking squeezing both breasts alternately Dini. She licked the entire surface of the breasts Dini 
got wet, from the left breasts and then move to the right breasts, nipples bitten-gigitnya Early alternately while knead with exasperation. Five minutes later she was sucking both nipples Early amain. He does not care Early screaming and squirming here and there, occasionally holding and meremasi Early hair Andi om, om Andi while still gripping and meremasi both breasts alternately Early-suction while sucking her nipple. Early nipples twisted with his tongue as he continued to suck. Early can only hiss, moan, and scream a few times stronger when Anton om dental bite nipple with exasperation, to not be surprised if at some point in the second sphere Early breasts appear reddish scars and suction lines om Andi small bites. Long enough om Andi mengemut Early breasts, after which he crept downward. When her tongue play over the navel Dini, Dini started moaning small easement, om Andi and wet kisses all over his stomach. When shifted down again, Andi om right itself in the groin Dini. He is open to both thighs wide Dini, Dini was very aroused at all. Early second-hand still holding linen cloth. Om Andi looked nonok Early overgrown bushy pubic hair. Nonoknya lips look fat and solid 
white slightly brownish, while the narrow gap in between the two lips nonoknya. Furthermore om direct Andi menyosor pressing nonok Dini, nose slipped between his lips nonok Dini. His lips lower lip Early nonok eagerly, as his hand crept into his thigh and squeezed Early round ass with exasperation. Andi started to fondle her lips Om nonok Early alternately thick. Satisfied kiss and suck on the upper lip, she kissed and nibbled Early nonok bottom lip. Because of his behavior, Dini up screaming because of pleasure, her body writhing great and sometimes stretched tight, her legs a few times until the clamping head Andi om the more fun making out with lip masyuk nonoknya. Om Andi holding both Dini already sweaty ass that does not move too much. Early meremasi Andi om hair messed up. Sometimes while pushing her ass raised favors or sometimes shaken play in tune with the tongue licking om nonoknya Andi on the entire surface. Early shout louder, and sometimes like crying with no strong hold of pleasure. Her body writhed great, his head moving to the left and right quickly, moaning abysmally. Om Andi getting excited about the acting. Early nonok Disibakkan lips, visible pink meat soaked with her ​​saliva mixed with mucus Dini. Om Andi nonoknya lips gently rubbed, slightly up from the narrow hole nonoknya no small amount of meat bulge green beans are also colored red, itilnya. Then the lightning-quick with his tongue menyentil2 itil Dini. Early squealed very loudly while her legs jerked down. Early terrific stiffened, her hips moving wildly and stiff, so jilatanom Andi on itilnya be missed. With exasperation om Andi firmly holding both thighs and back pinned Early lips and nose on the cleft lips nonok Dini. He stuck his tongue out as long as possible and then ditelusupkan clamps penetrate Early nonok lips and flicked back itilnya. Early muffled scream and push him back as he stamped his feet. Her ass lifted up so that the tongue om Andi entered nonoknya deeper cleft lip and flicked-nyentil itilnya. So short as less than 1 minute Dini 
push back and there was weak bursts from its burrow nonoknya warm slightly thick liquid aplenty. Uncle Andy was flicked itil Dini Dini some time until the body is weak and eventually droop butt fell back on the bed. 
Dini lowing a short length of the new permeates perceived enjoyment, while om Anton is still sucking the remnants of mucus when Dini nyampe. Early looks wet whole crotch full of saliva mixed with mucus is thick. Om Andi licking the entire surface of Early nonok until slightly dry, "Din ... settle it ..." she said softly but Dini did not answer, his eyes squeezed shut. "Turn ya Din om, om ya want to come in," she whispered again. "Now dientot long ya om", whined Dini. "The important thing is Dini's favor.""Deliciously banget2, om". Om Andi immediately got up and sat half-kneeling over the body of a naked sweaty Dini. He pulls the foot up and superimposed Early thighs Early on his groin so it is now a wide-open Early crotch. He pulled her ass Dini so kontolnya directly attached on top of the wet nonok Dini. He rubbed the head on both sides kontolnya Early nonok lips and then a few moments later ditepuk2kan dick with exasperation to nonok Dini. Early squirmed and laughed a little spoiled, "Om ... iiih .. gelii ... aah". "Din, uncle dick ya want to go," he whispered passionately. "Om, enter game. Dini dah neh not take it anymore," said Dini. A little 
lip disibakkannya nonok Dini and directed the head of a major Kontolnya Early nonok narrow hole. He started to press and press again ... finally slowly millimeter by millimeter hole nonok Early enlarge and begin to accept the presence of head kontolnya.Early biting her lip so delicious. Andi Om releasing her fingers from her lips and plekk nonok Early ... Early nonok lips clamped directly favors kontolnya head. Early closed his eyes tightly and held his hands back linen cloth. Om Andi bent slightly forward so that her ass can be more free to push down. She was promoting her hips and finally head kontolnya began to sink in the Early nonok. He was re-pressed, for mili mili kontolnya certainly kept sinking into the Early nonok. He continued to press kontolnya, keep forcing into extraordinary Early nonok narrow. Andi holds Om Early hip, and pulled towards kontolnya so it makes getting into. He was stomping down hard, quickly pushed nonok kontolnya Dini. Early moaned with pleasure. Dihentakkannya more ass down and eventually 
completely kontolnya has sunk to ground sandwiched between the lips nonok Dini. Om Andi cried so delicious, her eyes bulging clamps hold tight nonok Early incredible. He laid his body on the naked body Dini, Dini arms, chest presses her breasts back om Andi. Nonoknya powerful pincer squeezes dick om Andi had all collapsed. "Din ... how it feels," she whispered. "Deliciously really om", he replied. He kissed her lips passionately Dini, and Dinipun responded with no less passionate. They were berpagutan long time, and while it remains so om Andi started shaking hips up and down. Early start nonok Kontolnya swipe. Hip-hunjam plunged quickly pulling enter Kontolnya tense. Early embraced strongly backs Andi om, om nails Andi felt through the skin. Early moaning and squealing easement. Several times Dini was biting his lip om Andi was so napsunya. Om Andi Early nonok just feel how warm and soft it was clamped tight kontolnya. When pulled out feel flesh gripping nonok Early as strong kontolnya, so that was come out. "Din, om aahhgghghh ya can not stand anymore," he whispered. "Cum om going out". "Early also nyampe om mo, yach unison".And finally pejunya ngecret in nonok Dini. Dinipun participate twitched as she felt the warm cum om Andi menyembur2 like a dam breaking in nononknya. They hugged each other satisfied. And imperceptibly they fell asleep while cuddling naked because kecaapaian earlier in the game. They slept until dawn. When I woke up, Andi om Early wake too and they both shared bathroom because they do not sempet semalem bath. In the bathroom they are cleaning up and kissing. Om Andi asked Dini squat and lick and suck Kontolnya already standing upright again. Early dikulum Kontolnya she whipped up and down slowly. "It's good really Din, continue diemut Nes", she moaned. Then turn om Andi, Dini told to stand with your legs propped on the edge of a bathtub only.He attacked the crotch Dini, especially itilnya, with a tongue that Dini moaned while holding the head om Andi and sink deeper into nonoknya. Om Andi menjulurkannya tongue deeper into her ferret-Early nonok itilnya match with the ring finger. Early stimulation more intense until finally she felt 
nyampe, with mucus pouring out without being able to stop them. Om Andi lick and swallow all the mucus. "Om, favors deh, Dini until lemes" said Dini. "Fine you break aja, om want sediain food was yes", he said as he came out of the bathroom naked. Early follow him, also naked. Their breakfast cereal mixed with milk, while drinking coffee. Om Andi who yesterday bought kue2 warmed in the microwave. While bercanda2 they eat all the food available. After eating directly om Andi prepare the equipment to photograph nude photo session. In Early posing naked with macam2 style, in the bathroom, in bed, disofa, kitchen table, on the porch and the last back pond area. Om Andi exposing plumpness Dini, breasts, nipples, buttocks and pubic hair Dini. Photo session lasts long enough. Like when lingeri session, had little difficulty experienced by Dini. He was able to pose naturally, thanks to the direction and the pleasure he got from im Andi. In the heart of the story Ines Dini confirmed that Andi om highly skilled process prempuan body poses and process until wallowing pleasure. Semalem and start teen alone, stimulate repeat Andi om Early body until she felt the incredible pleasure, so when dientot feels to hard wrote. Early didipan lie. Uncle Andy dropped his chest between his thighs Dini. Then with disdain, kissed her navel. "Om, amused!" Early writhing spoiled. Om Andi smiled and kept kissing her navel Early berulang2 to menggelinjang several times. By using elbows and knees om 2nd Andi crawled so his face buried between 2nd Early breasts. He kissed the left nipple, then moved to the right nipple. Repeated several times, then he meremes Early breasts gently. Early Remasannya create more hardened nipple, nipple quickly kissed kukulum2 Early and rubbing his back. "You're beautiful, Din. You do not dicariin your parent's", he said, thrust his face into the face Dini. Early just smiled, shook his head. Early embrace om Andi neck, and kissed her lips. Weaving tongue entered his mouth om Andi. They immediately berpagutan again, Dini very bernapsu serve kiss om Andi. Om Andi kissed her lips, then his tongue back runs to the breast and nipple sucking Dini. Keep heading keperut and navel licking Dini Dini to flounder receiving stimulation that feels good."Om delicious .." terengah2 breath. Lumatan resumed in Early clitoris, licked, dikulum2, so Dini getting aroused great.Lifted his ass so closer kemulut om Andi. Om Andipun plays tongue into Early nonok that have been opened a bit with your fingers. When the response was almost to the top, om Andi stop. He's changing position 69. He was on his back and on his stomach Dini asked but head towards kontolnya. He asked Early to re-lick and suck dick head kontolnya and out of her mouth from above. After Early smoothly done, om Andi licking clitoris Early nonok and again from the bottom. After some time they warm up then om Andi
initiative to plug kontolnya in nonok Dini. Early ditelentangkan, dikangkangkan thighs, butt propped up with pillows. Om Andi then slumped over Early. Digesek2kan dick in Early nonok already much mucus anymore because itilnya just licked. "Come quickly om, Early could not take it anymore", he pleaded eagerly. "Well you have lust yes Din, om like if we really naked after your appetite so it was truly remarkable when om dick into nonok you", he replied. Slowly but surely he put kontolnya to nonok Dini. Early gasp as she felt the huge dick through nonoknya are still narrow. Om Andi continues menekan2 kontolnya slowly and eventually go all. Then withdrawn slowly as well and again put up deep, feel kontolnya nancep palace once. "Om enjot fast dong, Early've wanted nyampe ach .. Uch .. Delicious om, om lick katimbang better before", he sighed. "Om also want ngecret, Din", he replied. In a matter of seconds they both nyampe together and tighten the arms, felt nonok Early dick twitching meremes2 om Andi. Weak and tired they lie down to recover. It's an hour we rested, then om Andi asked Dini mengemut kontolnya again. "Om not satisfied Din, want more, should not you?" he said. "Perhaps om, Dini also want to play a longer nyampe like that. Om not no death, just had ngecret dah want to go again," she said as she started to lick the head Kontolnya directly ngaceng loudly. Then his head began issuing mengangguk2 om dick Andi enter its mouth. Om Andi moaning pleasure, "Easy really Din emutanmu. Earlier nonokmu also ngempot om dick when you nyampe. Deliciously deh, yes Din kapan2 be repeated." Early silent no answer because there dick in his mouth. "Din, already want ngecret nih om , insert your uncle again yes to nonok you ", he said, asked Dini nungging. nungging While Dini asked," Want dimasukkin in the ass ya om, Dini not want ah '. "Din Ya lah not, why in the ass, in nonok you already favors really really ", he said. Urat2 green colored bark kontolnya grow. He pressed his hips so the head 
kontolnya weaving Early nonok lips. Feels Early nonok lips clamped Kontolnya great. Dini He kissed her neck, "Oh ... om", sighed Early when om Andi kissing her ear. Slowly inserted into nonok Early kontolnya. pelan2 he pulled slightly kontolnya, then pushed again. This is done several times so that more and more mucus discharge nonok Dini, smearing kontolnya head. While exhaling, she pressed again Kontolnya go deeper. kontolnya He pulled back his head to stay tucked out nonok Early lips, then pushed back pelan2. "Din, then push your hips backward yes", he said as he pulled back kontolnya. ears kissed him back and pushed Kontolnya Early entry . diremes nipple with thumb and forefinger. Dini struck by enjotan kontolnya reflex and she pushed her hips back so kontolnya nancap deeper. dick pulled back out again and again immersed pelan2, so do a few times so the whole kontolnya already nancap in nonok Dini. "Akh om", he sighed when om Andi feels dick had entered all nonoknya feels throbbing dick meremes2 om Andi. Om Andi continued until menekan2 vanish all, was once a palace kontolnya entry, as before when Dini diganjel ass pillow. dick started dikeluarmasukkan with Cadence soft. Unconsciously Early follow the rhythm with shaking her butt. Andi om left hand spreading to Early breasts and squeezed small, as he began to pump faster. Dini began to feel the pleasure, "Om, om dientot favors huh, more delicious than dientot Early guy. Continues the cepet ngenjotnya om, it feels like Dini already nyampe again ", she moaned. Itilnya rubbed dick when om Andi mengenjotkan kontolnya entry. Dini became terengah2 for joy." Din, nonokmu peret once, was again empotannya, awful Din naked 
with you " . Feels lips nonok Early sunsets come every time dienjot dick inside. "Om", she moaned. heard the sound of "plaques" every time he rammed kontolnya. noise was coming from Anton om beradunya peler seed with a groin Dini, each om Andi mengenjot Kontolnya entry . "Din, om've wanted ngecret", he groaned again. kontolnya dalam2 He jabbed at nonok Dina and terasalah pejunya nyembur2 in Early nonok. Along with that, "Om, om Early nyampe well," Early stiffened as follow nyampe. "Om , is truly remarkable, when Dini fuck again. "Om Andi did not answer, he collapsed exhausted.

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